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Proud to have a Penis
Proud to have a penis
Proud to have a penis in my pants, that is attached to my body
With balls. Balls being testicles
With a hole, a hole made for pissing through and coming through.
With veins running through, all throughout
Gets rock hard when touched, droopy when ignored, nudged within my boxers
And made of rubber.
:iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 4 11
Walter White Stripes by wowurnotkidding Walter White Stripes :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 2 0 Ericka Cartmina by wowurnotkidding
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Thirteen More Words
Death around me
Bloodied hands
The Destruction made
By the monster I am
But what was started;
Who am I really?
This face, is it me?
These hands bloodied are mine?
Since when are they crimson?
Did I bleed?
Blood runs so smooth, so red,
Now dries, cracks,
Clumping on my skin
I feel trapped;
Wounded by crimson
But I've no wounds
My flesh's clean
Was the blood really there?
Lost, feeling the liquid drip from my hands
I cry, "Lord,
Mercy on me
Whom did I slay?
Who'd I betray?"
But the silence answers all:
The silence slices me
Finer than the blade
There's no reply, no ricochet
Silence deafens me
I fall to my knees
Nothing but the blood
Which fades in and out of my vision
Sight is gone
Blood cracks my flesh
I hold myself;
I need warmth
It itches and burns,
As the cold strangles my
Disappearing heart
Healing me
I see breath
Freeze midair
I sigh from relief:
That breath is mine
I am alive, though
I don't believe so.
The pain doesn't feel real
That breath
Seems like my final
I curl myself
:iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 5 10
I Don't Wanna Be Stuck at Home Without You by wowurnotkidding I Don't Wanna Be Stuck at Home Without You :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 4 3 I wanna see your doe eyes... by wowurnotkidding I wanna see your doe eyes... :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 4 7
Thirteen More Words
Death around me
Bloodied hands
The Destruction made
By the monster I am
I can’t stop
I’ve gone too far
I’m to finish
What I started
I hear screams
But nobody's screaming
I see blood
But nobody is bleeding
Where are the screams
Coming from?
Is it from inside
Or maybe above?
Where's the blood
Coming from?
From my insides?
From that of my Love's?
I go to seek
For an answer.
What created these
Calls of despair
I cry out,
Out of shame
Scream. Shout
I'm the one to blame
I look at
the destruction I made.
What am I?
Can I stop?
I shake.
I can't stop
I stand; I must finish
What I started
More blood;
all the deaths.
More destruction, by the monster
That is me.
:iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 10 14
I always think I'm bound to disappoint you W.I.P 2 by wowurnotkidding I always think I'm bound to disappoint you W.I.P 2 :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 18 10 You said that you could let it go by wowurnotkidding You said that you could let it go :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 7 14 Deadpool Kills (Color) by wowurnotkidding Deadpool Kills (Color) :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 21 9 The Loss. by wowurnotkidding The Loss. :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 48 15 Catch my Breath by wowurnotkidding Catch my Breath :iconwowurnotkidding:wowurnotkidding 91 20

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Judge: Next case.

Announcer: The People VS. Simon Hue, Caroline Lewis, and Arthur Fields. Thirteen counts murder in the first degree, one count assault with a deadly weapon.

Judge: How do the defendants plead?

Caroline: Guilty. (They all look at Caroline)

Defense Attorney: She means-

Caroline: Guilty.

Arthur: Caroline, what're you doing?

Caroline: Proving a point.

Judge: You can invoke your fifth amendment, Ms. Lewis. Are you aware of the statement you're making?

Caroline: Yes, Your Honor. We killed Craig Dawson, Fiona Lemmings, Sara Pennington, Bryce Simmons- shall I continue?

Judge: Why are you pleading guilty? And now?

Caroline: Because I killed them. I killed Jack Harrison and Roger Coleman. I killed Bryce Simmons and Daniel Marsh because those people, those bastards wanted people such as Dale Butler and Charlie Greene to die.

Judge: Butler? My god, that trial was years ago.

Caroline: He was murdered exactly seven years and two months ago, Your Honor. Shot down by Louis Gershwin, another man who got off scott-free because of the bigotry of this court.

Judge: Excuse me?

Caroline: He was shot and killed in this very courtroom seven years and two months ago, Your Honor. And in two doors down Charlie Greene was dragged off to his horrid fate of a mental hospital after the jury acquitted him. Still, in the end the members of the hospital did not medicate Greene's roommate and that very roommate, Rebecca Smith, killed Charlie Greene.

Prosecutor: Your Honor where is this going?

Caroline: This is going to be the statement and the message I bear until the day I die. Dale Butler would still be alive let alone have justice if it weren't for Mr. Gershwin. The jury on his case was hung! He would've been a free man. But some bigot supplied Mr. Gershwin with a gun, and another bigot did not medicate Ms. Smith on purpose in hopes of Greene being murdered.

Judge: Ms. Lewis save your arguments for trial.

Caroline: Fine. But I'm guilty. And if these two are too chicken to stand for what we believe in then let them be. But I will be dragged to jail and go into each and every murder in detail, just as long as my voice gets heard.

Defense Attorney: Your Honor, this is ludicrous. All my clients plead not guilty.

Prosecutor (Mutters): That speech was a waste of time.

Judge: Bail, Ms. Levi?

Prosecutor: The People recommend one million dollars bail.

Simon: What?!

Prosecutor: Your Honor they coordinated the murders of thirteen people on their own, and none of them are passed thirty.

Judge: Fine. Bail is set at one million dollars each and have their passports revoked. Court is adjourned. (Bangs gavel. They are placed in cuffs and taken down to a holding cell in which all of them share. The guards leave for a brief moment)

Arthur: Caroline, you're crazy!

Simon: Do you know what prison is like?

Caroline: Guys, we killed those people for a reason! Those juror members, Dale's dad, that judge, all of them are bigots that deserved to be killed for what they did!

Simon: I know, I know. But who's gonna listen to us if we go to prison? Pleading innocent is what's best!

Caroline: Fine, but I'm not taking this with me to the grave. And besides, that jury will acquit us. And once they do we have two more people on our chopping block list.

Arthur: The one that got away?

Caroline: And the judge who sent Greene off to his death.

First CourtCase: Second CourtCase: 
The CourtCase: The Convicted Part IJudge: Next case.
Announcer: The Whole World vs. Dale Butler.
Judge: What for?
Lawyer: Being caught in a homosexual act.
Judge: In what way?
Dale: We were just kissing!
Judge: Mr. Butler, calm down.
Prosecutor: Your honor, we would like to dismiss this case.
Judge: Guilty or not guilty?
Dale: Guil-
Prosecutor: Not guilty.
Judge: Dismiss on what grounds?
Prosecutor: Human nature.
Lawyer: Your honor, this is not a Michael Jackson song. Besides, homosexuality is unnecessary in our society and in life in general. Each homosexual should be put to death-
Dale: Oh really?! Try me 'cause there are thousands, tons, trillions of us out there waiting and ready to kick your ass! All of you! Every single one of you! We're ready to defend love! We're ready to defend!
Judge (Banging gavel): Ms. Dickson, control your client!
Dale: You can't control me. You can't control any of us! We are people too!
Judge (Hits gavel once): Bailiff, escort Mr. Butler out of here!
Dale (While being dragged out by baili

The Second CourtCase: The Convicted Part IJudge: Next case.
Announcer: The Whole World vs Cheryl Greene.
Charlie: It's Charlie Greene.
Judge: Mr. Ramon, control your client.
Lawyer: She was caught trying to use the men's bathroom.
Judge: And that's a crime?
Lawyer: She believes she is a man.
Charlie: Just because I don't have a penis doesn't mean-
Judge: Mr. Ramon.
Prosecutor: I'm sorry your honor (looks at Charlie) it won't happen again. (Pause as Charlie angrily glares at him) We plead not-
Charlie: Innocent. I am not innocent.
Judge (Angered): Mr. Ramon.
Charlie: I am a man.
Lawyer: You're a faggot trying to justify her ways simply and simply making it worse.
Charlie: I am a man placed in the wrong body.
Judge (Standing): Bailiff, escort Ms. Greene out unless Mr. Ramon decides-
Charlie: Oh, leave Mr. Ramon out of this. From this point on he's fired, and I am representing myself.
Lawyer (Shoots look at Charlie): You can't do that! You're a tranny!
Charlie: Gender ain't got nothing to do with it. I've got a quick mouth, fast

Next: Coming Soon
(The jury walks back into the courtroom, all eyes in their direction.)

(Greene watches them, sitting, his crutches to his side. He makes eye contact with Five, nervously. Five nods and sits down. Greene smiles, taking the nod to mean they acquitted him)

(Ms. Harrison watches them as well, cocking her eyebrow and looking at Four. Four sees her. Ms. Harrison grins, Four standing and taking his place. Ms. Harrison then looks at the judge who nervously darts his eyes from her to Greene. He knows Greene can blackmail him. He knows this could go wrong. But Ms. Harrison smiles, nodding, the judge taking a breath.)

(There is a silence)

(Four hands his verdict to bailiff and from him it goes to the judge. The judge reads it and then places it down)

Judge: Will the defendant please rise?

(Greene does so, breathing. Trying not to panic)

Judge: On the count of disturbing the peace and performing a crime against humanity how do you find Charlie "Cheryl" Greene?

Four: We find the defendant not guilty. (Charlie gasps clutching his chest)

Judge: Thank you, jurors for your time. (Pause, the jurors beginning to be escorted out) Mr. Greene. (Charlie looks at him smiling) Though the jury finds you not guilty it is this court's decision to find instead that you are not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. (Charlie cocks his eyebrow. Twelve stops walking) Therefore, you are to spend a year in Sanford Mental Hospital-

Charlie: Wait-

Judge: In which you will be treated for Transsexuality and homosexuality. This court is adjourned. (He bangs the gavel)

Charlie: What?

Twelve: Oh my god.

Charlie: You son of a bitch, I'm innocent! The jury proved it!

Judge: These guards shall escort you out.

Charlie: No! (The guards grab him) No! I'm not crazy! I am a man, you hear me? Let go of me! I can prove that they set this up! I have it on tape! No! (Ms. Harrison stands, grinning, leaving the courtroom. Charlie's distant screams are heard, Judge removing his glasses and placing his face in his hands. Twelve walks over to him)

Twelve: Why? (Judge looks up. Twelve is on the brink of tears) How could you do this? They'll kill him in there.

(Judge knows he's right)

Judge: Bailiff, escort this Juror back to his room. This court is adjourned, the final decision has been made.

Twelve: But-

Judge: Young man, it is done. (Twelve is taken away, looking worriedly at Judge. He takes a breath before rising and going to his chambers)

(Four stands outside, hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth. Ms. Harrison spots him, walking over)

Lawyer: Hey. (He turns to her) Good job in there. (Hands him a wad of cash making it look like a handshake. He looks her up and down, counting it) Don't worry. All of it's there. (He nods)

Four: Thank you.

Lawyer: Thank you.

Four: So what happens now?

Lawyer: They take her to the madhouse.

Four: And?

Lawyer: That's it. Force-fed pills, and hopefully she turns back around. Besides, no one will believe the word of a crazy woman. (Robert nods) C'mon. You look like you could use a drink.

Four: You don't even know. (He smiles, spitting out the cigarette and walking down the steps with her, the judge pouring himself a drink in his chambers, the jurors leaving, Charlie screaming and being forced into the back of an ambulance, Twelve the only one left with the truth)

(But not too far away, maybe a hundred, two hundred miles, a man sits on his porch. A familiar man. And older man sits on his old porch, the nighttime covering his house and all of his land. His name is Roger Coleman. He scratches his stubble, looking out at his uncut lawn, and takes another inhale of coke, closing his eyes. He planned to fall asleep that night on the porch as usual, but something awoke him. A rustling. A quiet rustling in a nearby bush.)

(Rober opens his eyes. He hears it again. At this he grabs his shotgun, which is always next to him, and stands, pointing the gun at the bush)

Roger: Who's out there? (Silence) Show yourself!

(And through the silence, the pause of the rustling, Roger is shot. Once, twice, three times in the chest. He drops the gun, grabbing his chest. They hit no vital organs, but he bleeds, his mouth opens and blood dropping out of it. The culprit runs, hopping into a van Roger probably didn't notice because of his drug habit)

(But he collapses, grabbing his chest, dying, slowly dying, the choking on his blood, the blood mixing in with the crevasses of the floorboards beneath him, the van driving off and Greene kicking and screaming as he is tied down in the ambulance)

Thus begins The Final CourtCase.

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